Former patients now suing hospitals where unnecessary surgeries allegedly occurred

June 17, 2015


Former patients of a doctor who is accused of performing unnecessary surgeries are now suing the hospitals where those procedures were performed.


West Chester Hospital and Cincinnati Children's Medical Hospital Center, both in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area, are named in separate lawsuits. 

The lawsuits claim Dr. Atiq Durrani, who fled to Pakistan two years ago when facing health care fraud and other charges, performed spinal surgeries at the hospitals' facilities and as a result they are associated with his alleged negligence. Additionally, the suits claim the doctor used medical products in unapproved ways at the hospitals.


According to a federal indictment, Dr. Durrani "derived significant profits" by convincing patients to undergo spinal surgeries that were unnecessary and then billing for those services. In some cases, according to the indictment, the patients were seriously injured.

Numerous other cases, as many as 500, are pending against the doctor, his company, and area hospitals.  More about this story here.



Medical malpractice

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