7 year old shot in head with arrow, family sues resort

June 24, 2015


The family of a 7 year old boy who was shot in the head with an arrow has filed a lawsuit against the resort where the incident occurred.


The parents of Londen Chavez were celebrating his birthday April 11th of this year at Piney Shores Resort in Conroe Texas. The 7 year old Londen and his 12 year old brother were at the resort's archery range when the older brother accidentally shot him in the head with an arrow.


Londen's medical bills have passed $2 million with even more surgeries required. His brain injury has resulted in a loss of speech, vision impairment and mobility issues that now require him to use a wheelchair.  (photo of Londen last Christmas, to now) 


Attorneys for the Chavez family contend the archery area was unsafe and unsupervised. It's the second recent lawsuit filed against Piney Shores Resort. Another family filed suit against the resort after their 8 year old child was electrocuted and died in 2014 due to faulty wiring at the boat dock. 


Piney Shores Resort is one of 13 properties owned by Silverleaf Resorts. The resort apparently has only recently closed the archery range, as their website has deleted it from the list of amenities (see screenshot below from November of 2014 to current). 


Lawsuits such as this are important for two reasons (1) the Chavez family could not have prepared or expected such an incident to occur. The resort was apparently negligent in their supervision practices involving a potentially dangerous amenity. Londen's life has been permanently damaged as a result. (2) Lawsuits such as this force companies to review their safety procedures resulting in a safer and more suitable environment/experience for all of us.


Premises liability law addresses the specific responsibilities of landowners and land occupiers in the event of injuries of deaths that occur on their property. Premises liability cases may occur in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall situations in stores and store parking areas.

  • Injuries or death which occurs on someone’s property due to a failure to use reasonable precautions to prevent injury or death.

  • Injuries or death of children due to dangerous playgrounds, equipment, or other hidden dangers on property.

  • Injuries or deaths of people who may be working on property which is owned or operated by another.

  • Exposure to hazardous or toxic substances on someone’s property, or determined to originate from someone’s property.

The law offices of T. Verner Smith have handled all sorts of premises liability claims and have helped people who’ve been injured or worse. If you, or someone you know, would like to speak to us about a possible premises liability claim, contact us at (731) 423-1888, (901) 730-4567, or (615) 371-6136.


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