Shock: drug companies delayed over 40,000 patient death reports to FDA

July 28, 2015


Drug makers delayed filing more than 40,000 reports that involved patient death between 2004 and 2014, researchers found.'  That's a sentence from an article published by US News & World Report.


According to the study, over 11,000 pharmaceutical deaths occurred up to a year before drug companies reported them to the FDA. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that while drug makers are supposed to forward any reports of a bad drug side effect to the FDA within 15 days of learning of the problem, but 10% aren't making it to the FDA before that deadline.



The researchers looked into reports mentioning hospitalizations, disabilities, birth defects, and deaths. They found more than 100,000 reports of those weren't reported to the FDA on time over a ten year period. Of those 100,000, there were 40,000 deaths reported, including over 11,000 deaths that the drug makers finally reported to the FDA up to one year after learning of them.


For more about this study, click here.


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