Recall of popular applesauce snack for children: complaints of mold inside

March 8, 2016


The manufacturer of a very popular children's applesauce product has issued a nationwide voluntary recall after some residue was found in pumps during an inspection. Several parents had been complaining via social media recently claiming a black moldy substance was found in their children's snack pouches. 


The company, GoGo squeeZ, is recalling applesauce pouches with 'best before' dates between 12/4/15 and 3/4/17.

In a facebook post, the company CEO said, "While it is possible the food product residue may have been incorporated into finished product, we test our applesauce extensively, and at this time, we have not seen evidence of this in our pouches."  Although, a recall was also issued in 2015 after mold was found in some packages. 

Parents, obviously, are fearful that their children may be ingesting mold which could potentially be harmful under certain circumstances.


According to, "Applesauce doesn't readily support the growth of spoilage bacteria because its pH is in the acidic range. As a result, applesauce will develop mold long before bacteria can multiply to a level that could make you ill. Once mold appears, applesauce should be discarded. Mold that develops mycotoxins can cause serious illness."

Incidences such as these remind all of us of the dangers of food poisoning. Verner Smith's office has a successful background in pursuing those negligent of food poisoning, including a landmark case in Hardeman County which resulted in Smith's office pursuing the case all of the way to the Tennessee Supreme Court. You can read about the successful case and all of the details here. Contact us with any concerns you may have at (731) 423-1888, (901) 730-4567, or (615) 371-6136.

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