McDonald's recall is a good example

August 24, 2016


After 70+ reports of burns and skin irritations, McDonald's is recalling the activity trackers they began offering in their Happy Meals earlier this month. The chain says they are working with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and recalling the STEP-iT Activity Bands distributed in their Mighty Kids and Happy Meals packages. A spokesperson for McDonald's said, "Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our customers." The CPSC is encouraging customers to remove the wristbands and return them to a local McDonald's for a replacement toy or snack.

Although no lawsuits are planned, this incident serves as a good reminder that even the largest companies can miss something in the quality control of products they distribute. The end result can be consumers, even children, who are harmed in some way. While lawsuits are often maligned in the media, opponents miss the important fact that the threat of a lawsuit keeps Americans inherently safer. Companies are forced to be more diligent in assuring the public that the products they create and/or distribute are safe for use. To that end, if you or a family member ever suffers an injury or worse due to a faulty product, you are within your rights to seek compensation and ultimately create a safer situation for everyone else due to your legal action. Never hesitate to report and seek legal counsel when an injury occurs due to a product's danger and the company's negligence. We have represented many consumers who have been injured by faulty products and we would be eager to hear your story and give you the appropriate legal advice. Contact us anytime.

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