It this rifle in your home? It could fire accidentally.

February 21, 2017

ALL rifles have individual serial numbers, each different from the other. Check to see if YOUR RIFLE'S SERIAL number is on the list. 


Over 7 million rifles may be at risk of firing without even touching the trigger.


From a CBS news report: "A federal judge in Missouri heard arguments this past week in a case involving one of the most popular bolt-action rifles in American history: the Remington 700 series. Here’s the problem: thousands of owners have complained these rifles have fired without anyone squeezing the trigger.

The company has downplayed the danger for decades and the complaints represent only a fraction of the rifles out there. But 10 attorneys general wrote the court saying, “There are potentially as many as 7.5 million defective rifles at issue.” And that, “Remington knows or should know…they are unreasonably dangerous.”  


Read (or watch) the entire story by clicking here.


CHECK YOUR RIFLE'S SERIAL NUMBER and get more info regarding the recall from Remington's website HERE


At the law offices of T. Verner Smith, we have handled hundreds of personal injury cases over the decades, and will be glad to review your potential case. IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED A TRIGGER FAILURE WITH THIS MODEL RIFLE, CONTACT OUR OFFICE FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. The potential of this class action lawsuit is changing weekly and based upon upcoming court decisions, could become a serious case you may be within your legal rights to pursue.


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