Local officials warn: beware of new scam phone calls in the area.

March 6, 2017

At least one West Tennessee county is reporting that residents are receiving recorded phone calls, allegedly from the county's courthouse.


Officials at the Crockett County Courthouse say the phone calls claim the person failed to appear for jury duty and asks them to either call a number back or press a button to continue.


The officials say they do not have any such service and warn that calling the number back or pressing a button could result in some form of identity theft. Officials are asking that this information be shared on social media in order to prevent the success of this apparent scam. You should also contact any family members who may not see social media posts in order to prevent them from being taken advantage of by the likely cyber thieves.

Identity theft is a serious problem in Tennessee.

Unfortunately many identity theft victims may not be aware for months or even years. Victims may have their bank accounts frozen, credit accounts affected dramatically, and credit scores impacted heavily. The issue is so debilitating that many victims find themselves in serious financial trouble. Sometimes bankruptcy is a plausible solution to serious financial issues, sometimes not. Often other solutions may be found. At the Law Offices of T. Verner Smith, we work with clients with debt resolution as well as bankruptcy consultation, filing, and assistance. For more information, call us at (731) 423-1888, (901) 730-4567, or (615) 371-6136.

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