Attention Armstrong workers: regarding workers comp reconsideration deadlines!

September 24, 2017

We continue to be saddened by the announcement of the closing of the Jackson, Tennessee plant of Armstrong Flooring.  Certainly, this is going to have an impact on our local economy as well as the lives of the Armstrong workers and their families.


You may have seen recent television ads and other advertisements that state you may have the right to reconsider your workers comp settlement if you lose your job.  


Under Tennessee Code Annotated §50-6-241, you have the right to ask for more workers comp payments IF:

  • You have lost your job due to no fault of your own

  • In the case of settlements for neck, back, shoulder, and hip injuries –

    • You have lost your job within four hundred (400) weeks (7.69 years) of the day you returned to work

  • In the case of settlements for injuries to the arms or legs –

    • You have lost your job within two hundred (200) weeks (3.84 years) of the day you returned to work

  • You file the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Labor requesting reconsideration within one (1) year of the date you lose your job

Obviously, the loss of your job places the worker and his or her family in a bad position.  Your creditors expect to be paid and the expenses do not stop. There are laws that are designed to help you when you have lost your job, including financial help.


If you, a family member or friend has lost his or her job due to a plant closing or layoff, please call our office or message us through our website so that we can help you with reconsideration of your workers compensation settlement, planning your financial future and using Tennessee and Federal laws to protect you from your creditors.  As always, we offer a free, no pressure consultation.


Come on into the office for a hot cup of coffee, a friendly smile and straight forward advice!  Call our offices at (731) 423-1888, (901) 730-4567, or (615) 371-6136.

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