Trampoline park sued for child injuries

April 8, 2019

A 4 year old boy will be required to see an orthopedic specialist every six months until he’s 18 and never allowed to play sports, after he sustained injuries at a trampoline park in Fort Worth, Texas. That's according to a lawsuit filed in Tarrant County District Court last week.


The lawsuit states the boy was jumping on a trampoline when other, larger jumpers, joined him on the same trampoline. According to the suit, only one person is allowed to jump on a trampoline at a time and the company's employees are instructed to blow a whistle if the rule is broken. The weight of the additional jumpers, the lawsuit says, caused a recoil effect, launching the 4 year old into the air, and when slammed back on the trampoline, his right leg was severely injured.


The boy, suffered Salter-Harris fractures to the growth plate areas of both his leg, has had multiple surgeries, will be required see an orthopedic specialist regularly until he’s an adult and can not play sports, according to the lawsuit.


The company (Flight Deck) has the waiver that participants must sign listed online, stating in part that by signing as an adult for a minor that they acknowledge participation in the park entails “known and unknown risks that are inherently dangerous and that can result in personal injury, including physical and emotional injury, paralysis, death or damage.”


This case will test the strength of their waiver statement.













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