$8.2 million settlement in Target debit card class action suit

June 25, 2019

An $8.2 million settlement has been proposed in the class action suit against Target.


The retailer proposed the settlement to a California federal court for preliminary approval, ending a claim that Target Corp. engaged in deceptive marketing practices when promoting the Target REDCard. Plaintiff James Walters first filed suit in 2016. In the complaint, Walters alleged that Target processed debit card transactions slower than traditional bank-issued debit cards and failed to alert consumers, resulting in additional penalties. Bank-issued debit cards approve ordinary transactions immediately based upon available account balances, withdraws funds for those purchases and generally do not add penalties for declined transactions due to insufficient account funds. Target's REDCard, however, did not attempt fund deductions for at least one to two days, (sometimes up to five days). According to the suit, Target’s misrepresentations about the card resulted in consumers incurring fee penalties when the account to which the Target debit card was linked had insufficient funds.


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