Family of 6 year old hit by 18-wheeler while exiting school bus files suit

July 13, 2019

A 6 year old boy who was hit by an 18-wheeler while exiting a school bus was taken to the hospital for serious but not life threatening injuries.The crash has people raising concerns on school bus safety, and many in the area say the location is no place for a bus stop. The location, in Elgin, Texas, has been the along a stretch of highway documented with numerous accidents. City Fire Chief Randy Reyna says the stretch of road has featured 31 crashes involving 57 vehicles and 166 people. 


The boy's father, Gerardo Labra said it's a miracle son is alive today. The father says he's aware of at least two other times recently of kids getting off the school bus, with the stop sign out and flashing, and they were almost hit by passing cars on the highway. He has asked for the bus to pull all the way into the mobile home park before kids are allowed to exit the bus.


Now the family has filed suit. The impact sent the boy nearly 100 feet upon impact. The family is seeking $1 million in damages. More here.


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