238 wrecks in Madison County so far in 2018 due to 'distracted drivers'...on track to pass last year's total.

August 20, 2018


According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, so far in 2018 (through June 30th), 238 traffic accidents in Madison County have been attributed to distracted drivers. These statistics do NOT include accidents on parking lots, private property, or with less than $400 in damage. At that rate, the number will likely pass last year's total of 443.


How does your county fare in the distracted driver accident count? See annual and year to date totals for Tennessee counties here. 


Distracted driving relates primarily to cell phone use. Tennessee has stiffened its driving laws, however, you are not breaking any driving laws if you are an adult talking on a cellphone when driving, regardless of the use of a hands-free device or holding it. On the other hand, drivers with a learner’s permit or any form of an intermediate license cannot use a cellphone in ANY capacity while driving a vehicle. ALL drivers in Tennessee are prohibited from texting while driving. It should be noted that reading, typing, or sending a text message all counts as texting. Additionally, tablets and laptops can be interpreted as a cellphone in accordance of the law when the activity being conducted the same that would have been banned on a cellphone.


The legal ramifications of texting and driving: aside from the obvious physical danger, it can be very hazardous to your finances as well as your ability to vote or obtain a job in the future. How so? Fines can range from $50 to $500. Not to mention an impact on your insurance premiums. If you acquire multiple negative points on your driving record, you could also face higher fines and/or license suspension. 


Should you be involved in an accident that injures or claims the life of someone, there is a very real possibility you could be facing misdemeanors or felonies that could have a severe impact on your future life. 


If you have been ticketed for texting and driving in Tennessee, and you believe the charge is unjustified, contact the law offices of T. Verner Smith. We can review your case and determine if you have a legal argument. 


If you or a loved one have fallen victim to someone who was distracted while driving, you may also have a case of proving their actions were negligent and any pain or suffering you endured or continue to endure should result in a potential lawsuit. Contact us for a case review.


At the law offices of T. Verner Smith, we represent clients who have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of another. These types of lawsuits not only provide necessary compensation for those who were wrongfully hurt in an accident, but also creates an environment of caution leading to higher safety standards for all. Contact us for a free consultation at (731) 423-1888, (901) 730-4567, or (615) 371-6136.



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