Florida bridge collapse would have been much worse if...

March 17, 2018

The collapse of the FIU pedestrian bridge in Miami would have been much worse if it had fallen after completion. Dozens of university students and other citizens would have likely been on the bridge after it was scheduled to open in early 2019. Here is a video of how the bridge was supposed to have looked after completion (this video was posted on youtube by the construction management company, it will likely be removed soon):

As more information about the collapse comes forth, it is becoming even more evident that negligence of some form contributed to the collapse, and the injuries and death that resulted.


There have been reports of cracks in the structure that were noted, and phoned in to an official's voicemail...a message that went unheard for several days. Another report states there have been previous collapses and fines associated with one of the companies involved in the project. 


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