Monsanto now blamed for gut health problems - and major retailer considering dropping Roundup

February 14, 2019

Now lawsuits have been filed claiming that Monsanto knowingly sold Roundup and associated herbicide products, misleading consumers by stating the product was not harmful to people or pets. But according to the lawsuit (representing three consumers as plaintiffs seeking monetary damages and class action status) Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate attacks an enzyme also found in the beneficial intestinal bacteria of humans and some animals. Unhealthy gut bacteria can lead to a multitude of health problems from obesity to depression.


A spokesman for Monsanto's parent company Bayer, said the lawsuit is without merit and that the company “looks forward to defending the case on the merits.” Story details here.


Meanwhile, after the company's previous courtroom loss to a California groundskeeper, stricken with non-Hogkin lymphoma, was awarded $78 million...major retailer Costco is reportedly considering pulling all Monsanto products from their shelves. An online petition is asking Lowes, and Home Depot to do the same.


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