Murphy Brown stinks - according to Federal lawsuit

November 16, 2018


Casual readers of this headline would have to assume that the renewal of the Murphy Brown TV series is so bad that a federal lawsuit has been initiated to take it off the air. The However, that's not what this story is about.


This month-long trial against the largest pork producer in the world started this week in Raleigh, N.C., asking a jury to decide how bad hog waste can smell...and whether neighbors deserves an award that could run into the millions.The federal case against Murphy-Brown focuses on Sholar Farm in Sampson County, nearly 100 miles outside of Raleigh. There are eight plaintiffs who live near the farm who are seeking unspecified damages, after years of alleged odor, truck traffic, flies, and other nuisances. Some of the plaintiffs say their families have lived there for over 100 years, and their lawyers say everything changed when Sholar/Murphy-Brown arrived in the mid 1980's. Read more about this story here.


This trial is expected to last well into December, and is the fourth such case filed against Murphy-Brown in 2018. A case in April ended with the jury awarding affected families over $50 million. That story is here. Murphy-Brown is part of Smithfield Foods, which is owned by China's WH Group. 


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